About Us

Hi, I'm Junie Wilson! I'm a lover of crafts, sweets and all things leopard print! I've been painting and crafting as long as I can remember. I completely fell in love with machine embroidery, not knowing anything about it I saved up and bought my first embroidery machine and it's been a whirlwind ever since.

Having four little ones it didn't take long for them to get totally burnt out with all the personalized items I made them, yes even underwear (lol). So my next step was to open Junie Grace and omg, I had no idea how my new little hobby would grow into so much more.

With three professional embroidery machines, I continue to grow and meet amazing people every day who allow me to be a little part in one of the most amazing times of their lives, welcoming a new child!!


I am so blessed and truly love what I do!!